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Free Websites During Coronvirus Lockdown 

During the coronovirus lockdown then we know that many businesses are going to struggle.
That is why we are offering free single page websites as part of our effort to help local businesses.
Simply contact us and we will set you up with a free one page website to help inform your customers as to what is happening and then to publicise when you are back up and running!
We will also help you to get your business set up with social media and local websites so you can get local support.

Contact Us to sign up. Follow us on Twitter for updates!

Coronavirus Websites FAQ

Why are we doing this?

I am a surgeon.  Websites started as a hobby and I built up a business called UK Surgeon Limited that provide websites for surgeons.  I also have 2 clever teenagers who are housebound and I will pay them to support local businesses by creating and hosting single page websites.
Here is  an example of their work:
David Hepworth - Kitchen, Bedrooms & Bathrooms

How miuch does it cost?

Absolutely nothing!!
I will pay my teenagers to do the work and you will pay nothing!
If you want to donate or tip then you can and once the coronavirus pandemic is over then you will either have your website packaged for you to 'take away' for free or we can offer to host it for you.
I guarantee that I will host your website for at least a year for nothing.

What if I don't like the website

You have the final say as to what is published.  If you don't like it walk away and we will delete the information.

I would like to take up your offer, what next?

Contact us on the form below or via Twitter


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Website Services from UK Websites

Lots of people may have very little time to promote themselves online.  UK Websites was created to provide website services for everybody!  We understand the time constraints of modern living and so we provide bespoke services where most of the hard work is done for you.  Just provide us with some information and a few photos, some guidance and off we go!
We believe in honesty, transparency and value for money. We won't hide behind anonymous emails - you will know with whom you are dealing. We will be up front with regards to the cost or you can walk away.

Webpage or Website Creation

Our logical working strategy ensures an organised process to ensure that your website is perfect for you.



Why do you want a website?
What information do you need to impart?
What are your priorities?



What 'look' do you want for your website?
What functionality do you require?



We will sketch out some preliminary ideas and provide you with visuals.



Everything will be fine tuned to your liking!

Webpage / web presence

Your own personal webpage on one of our domains or your own domain
A 1 page webpage costs £100 for the design and £20 per annum for hosting including an annual review and edit.

Personal Website

Choose your own domain name and we will design and host your website:
• Purchase and hosting of a website name
• Up to 5 pages
• Free hosting for the first year
• Thereafter £250 per year to include backups, security updates and responsive editing options
• Push to social media - Twitter and Facebook 

Complex Website

Do you need a more complex website with many pages or extended functionality?
• E-commerce
• Website directory
• etc.
We work with our business partner, Phastmedia, who are experts in more complex websites.
Contact Us for a quote

Social Medial Management

'Social Media' online reputation management - partnership with Phastmedia ~£325 

About Us

Working together to create bespoke and well-crafted websites for you 

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